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a sample of our RTA cabinets to study the color of the stains and glazes, and the quality of our wood, if you
have not already done so, You can order a 3'' filler in the RTA cabinet style of your choice.

Or, you can order a door  W12" wide X 30" high wall cabinet  in the RTA cabinet style of your choice for $45
(PRICE OF SAMPLES  INCLUDES SHIPPING).  Seeing this door cabinet will allow you to study the quality of our
cabinet construction, as well as the color and wood type. So you can view that design.  If you return the door
sample  to us in good condition without any damage, we will refund $25 to you. Or, if you order a set of cabinets
from us at a value of $1,600 or more, we will deduct $45 from the cost of your order.

Ordering online at RTA Kitchen Cabinets, LLC is easy.  Our secure servers will protect your information through
the ordering process since we use advanced encryption and firewall technology.  Our web site protects the
security of personal information transmitted to us by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which
encrypts the information you input during the transmission to us by using a unique session key.  These layers
of privacy protection ensure that information cannot be viewed, even if intercepted by unauthorized parties.

PLEASE NOTE:  You can reach us by e-mail at regarding inquiries.  If, for any
reason, you prefer to order by phone, rather than using our Secure Sockets Layer Credit Card method, please
call 1-1866-611-9690, and we will be happy to assist you.

RAT Kitchen Cabinets will automatically charge and withhold the applicable sales tax for orders delivered to an
address in the state of Georgia, unless your firm submits a state sales tax exemption certificate.  We do NOT
charge sales tax on any orders shipped to states outside of Georgia.  If your credit card billing address is in the
state of Georgia, and your “ship to” address is not, you will not be charged sales tax.  A 7% sales tax is
automatically calculated on the value of the products as required by Georgia State law.

Our unassembled cabinets are shipped in flat cartons on pallets directly to your home or business.  Shipping
costs are calculated automatically at Less -Than -Truckload or parcel carrier freight rates based upon the size
and number of pallets used, the weight of your shipment, and your destination zip code.

On average, our RTA cabinets and vanities ship out next day from the time we are able to complete address
verification and payment process. Transit time can take an additional 1-5 days, depending upon your location.  
If you intend to start assembling your cabinets on a particular date, you may want to build in a few extra days
when you order your cabinets, to allow for contingencies.  Be sure to store your cabinets in a dry, protected
area until you are ready to assemble them.

Our Ready to Assemble cabinets are all wood, and come thoroughly wrapped in cardboard cartons, and then
are encased in shrink wrap when set on pallets. The boxes are inspected before they leave our warehouse, but
please recognize that shipping cartons do occasionally sustain a little damage during transit.

When your cabinets arrive, and BEFORE you open any of the boxes:

* Check the Order List - While the driver is still there, compare your order list to the items that arrive, to make
sure each size and style is correct. Verify the number of pallets and loose bundles BEFORE signing the delivery
slip.  (You signature on the delivery slip is acknowledgement that the order has been received and is in good

* Shipment Error
1.    Our Error - Our staff makes every attempt to send correct items.  Should you discover that we have
shipped you the wrong size or style in error, please contact us within 48 hours at 1-866-611-9690, and we will
send the right item to you as soon as possible.  If this occurs, you will have to send the door/item back so we
can monitor quality control.

2.   Your Error - If you ordered a wrong size cabinet, or a style or color that you decide you do not like, although
we will be glad to replace it, you will incur a 25% restocking fee when the item is returned, as well as delivery
charges for the new one.  To avoid this problem, please order a sample before buying, and double check your
measurements before placing your order.

* Record Damages:  If you note any visible damage to any box, such as a hole or a tear, or if you see that the
shrink wrap has been punctured or removed, be sure to record those damages on the driver’s delivery receipt
before the driver leaves.  If the merchandise (NOT the shipping carton) is damaged, please refuse the delivery
of that particular item, and make a notation describing the damage on the delivery manifest receipt.   If a box is
questionable, mark the packing slip “I accept with the possibility of damage."

Even if all boxes look fine on the outside, please open all of them within 48 hours of receiving them and inspect
your cabinets to be sure no cracks or concealed damage occurred during transit.  With some carriers, damage
must be reported within 72 hours to assure that you can file a claim.  If you wait more than 72 hours, many
freight companies will not acknowledge the damage claim.  

If any cabinet is damaged, freight companies are generally prompt in reimbursing you for the damage, as long
as you complete a claim form and submit it to them within the 72-hour period and include a detailed explanation
of the damage.   We can walk you through this process, if it occurs.  To do that, you will need:

1) Your account and contact information, as well as your tracking and processing numbers;
2) A copy of the order form that shows how much you paid for the part;
3) A copy of the delivery receipt that shows if damage was noted on it while the driver was there;
4) A detailed explanation of the damage that occurred
5) A photograph documenting the damage is helpful.

Damaged items must be kept for 9 months for possible inspection by the freight company. Since the freight
company reimburses you directly, you will need to contact us to reorder and purchase any replacement part.  
Naturally, we will do our best to get your replacement to you as soon as possible.

All of our cabinets and vanities have a 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty on factory defects.  Our
manufacturer will replace a defective part and ship it to you at our cost via Fed Ex ground or freight carrier, at
our discretion.  We will be happy to accommodate you if you would like your replacement shipped some other
way, such as Fed Ex overnight.  However, you will be responsible for the difference in shipping cost.
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